6"-           serves 6-8              $22.00

8"-          serves 10-15          $30.00

10"-        serves 20-30          $55.00

1/4 sheet-       25-30            $50.00

1/2 sheet        40-50            $75.00

Full sheet-      80-100          $150.00

Tiered Cakes

8"-4"-         serves 20          $60.00

10'-6"-     serves to 40        $90.00

Custom tiered cakes available

Prices includes buttercream decorations. Fondant work always available for additional cost. Please call for consultation and pricing

Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake- chocolate cake filled with cream cheese icing and strawberries, whipped cream icing.

Banana Cream- golden cake filled with banana mousse, whipped cream icing.

North End Boston Cream- golden cake filled with vanilla italian cream, chocolate buttercream icing.

Lemon Chiffon- golden cake filled with lemon chiffon mousse, whipped cream icing.

Peppermint Patty- chocolate cake filled and iced with peppermint buttercream, covered in chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Sundae- chocolate cake filled with brownies and cherry, whipped cream icing,

The Elvis- vanilla cake filled with banana mousse iced in peanut butter buttercream.

Strawberry Shortcake- golden cake filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Black Forest- chocolate cake with cherry preserves iced in whipped cream

Chocolate Mousse- chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse iced in whipped cream

Vanilla Mousse- golden cake filled with vanilla mousse iced in whipped cream.

Bungalow- one layer of chocolate, one layer of vanilla cake filled with whipped cream, strawberries and bananas, iced with whipped cream.

Mom's Triple Chocolate- chocolate cake,filled and iced with chocolate buttercream covered in chocolate ganache.

Red Velvet- the southern favorite iced with cream cheese icing

The Hostess- chocolate cake filled and iced with vanilla buttercream, covered with chocolate ganache.

Italian cream- golden cake filled with hand made chocolate and vanilla italian cream, whipped cream icing. *rum and fruit optional

Cassata- gold cake filled with our famous cannoli filling, whipped cream icing

Neopolitan- flakey pastry with alternating layers of golden cake and your choice cannoli or italian cream, whipped cream icing*special sizing and pricing, please call

Cookies and Cream- oreo cannoli filling, chocolate cake, sweet vanilla buttercream, oreo adornments

Peanut Butter Cup- peanut butter cannoli filling, chocolate cake, whipped cream icing, chocolate ganache drizzle

Heath Bar Crunch- heath bar crunch cannoli filling, chocolate cake,whipped cream icing, heath bar adornments

Mound Bar- coconut cannoli filling, chocolate cake, coconut buttercream,chocolate ganache drizzle

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